Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for Fall

It has obviously been forever since I blogged about or lives but they have been pretty crazy lately. I started back to school in September and life has been crazy every since. I have class on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:30-9:30 and then a religion class online (which I like very much I might add). I am still working full time and so is Kyle. His seems like it is more then full time sometimes especially since he is driving to The Dalles everyday. He really likes his job except for the drive of course but we are sticking with it and keeping strong.
We got a new car about a month ago and love it. It is a 2008 VW Rabbit. His name is Roger (how fitting hugh?) Thanks Becca. It was her idea. He has been a great car for us and gets really good mileage. Blazer season started in October and we have been very involved in it this year especially since it is our first year with season tickets! I have missed a few home games because of school but it has been a good opportunity for Kyle to takes friends or family members with him.
We have been searching for homes in the area and keeping our eyes pealed for the "perfect first house" and in this market there are a lot of them. We should be in a house within the next year which will be nice to have a yard and a puppy of course. :)
I have been with Legacy over a year now and am very happy there. The Children's Hospital is under way and has been for a couple months. It will be perfect timing for me to get out of nursing school and apply to work there. Yeah!!! It is getting into nursing school with is the hard part (at least I think it is) and then the fun part will begin.
Kyle's brother is getting married and we are very excited for him and his fiance Christine which we both adore. We have been asked to be in the wedding and are very honored. We can't wait start planning out more details.
As for now, that is pretty much what has been going on with us. I will post some pictures to accompany the post soon.